Sunday, 13 April 2008

"Debian Package of the Day" - Needs your help

"Debian Package of the Day" is a website, that wants to introduce a new package from the Debian package repositories to you every day (or, almost every day ;). Something you certainly know from this page my fellow reader). Debian users like me and you are encouraged to contribute their own recommendations as an article.
So why not talk about your favorite software pack? Debaday constantly is in seek of new articles to publish. Lately, they haven't had many submissions. That's why they asked for help recently ("A call for help").

One very neat feature is shown in the screenshot below. As soon as a article is released on their website, you can track the success of that in these statistics from Debians own Popcon ("Debian Popularity Contest"). Hence, you immediately see if your article had any effect on installs (or even uninstalls) of the actual pack. The red vertical line illustrates the date when the article was released.

Enjoy :)

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