Monday, 31 March 2008

Made my Day IV: Nichtlustig Blog "Nicht pinkeln"

Oh ja, dieser Cartoon hat mir ein Lächeln zwischen die Beiser getrieben.

Nicht pinkeln(Via

Sunday, 30 March 2008

"I'm going to DebConf 8" - Not really, but I am spreading the word

I'm going to DebConf8, edition 2008 of the annual Debian developers meeting
Well, I'm not going. But Debian Times asks for blogs to spread the word about DebConf 8. If you wonder, what DebConf is, it seems to be an annual coding party and meeting of Debian developers, this year in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Angry Video Game Nerd: Double Vision Pt. 1

Here's the first part of a double feature for two classic video game consoles:

Brought to you in courtesy of

Monday, 24 March 2008

Skream Dubstep Mix on Rinse.FM

Yet another update for my blog. This mix has been uploaded and played for some days now on my MP3-player. Besides the low quality of the MP3 itself (come on, give us stereo and more bits) its an awesome Dubstep mix by the man Skream himself. Needless to say it has a strong track selection. Big up!

Skream - 19th February (via Rinse.FM Blog)

Don't forget to check out all the other mixes on the blog.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Free Drum 'n' Bass MP3 "Simon V - Soul Healing"

As in the previous month, Santorin Records just released another free Mp3 for download. This time its from the hilarious Simon V, a german Drum 'n' Bass evergreen. Santorin is celebrating its 10th birthday with this.

Simon V - Soul Healing (Click Click)

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Dubstep Mix MP3 - Dutty Dubz on Ruffm Radio X

Oh yeh, told you about the Dutty Dubz here, now here's another mix for your listening pleasure.
Dutty Dubz, 01. Mar, 2008 (Click Click), via Ruffm
01 Coki – ???
02 Swerve – Transaction
03 Rusko – Beta Max
04 Rusko – Hammertime
05 Jakes – 2 Steps Back
06. Kromestar – Atention
07 Skream – Depeche Mode RMX
08 Benga – ???
09 Noah D & Babylon System – Take That
10 Quest – The Seafront
11 Digital Mystics – Shake out dem Deamons
12 DJ G – Lower 8
13 Kromestar – ???
14 The Others – Bad Bugs
15 Swerve – Machine Music
16 Twisted – Robots
17 Unitz – LFO Riots
18 ???
19 ???
20 Marlow feat. Bongo Chilli – Everyday

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Wizard of Oz

Here's another Angry Video Game Nerd. This time he reports about classic Super NES game, The Wizard of Oz.

(Brought to you in courtesy of

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

My VDR Setup - A walk-through and Tutorial (Part 1) The Hardware

Since people kept asking me via email questions regarding the fabulous VDR, I thought lets share my (little and limited) knowledge and experience in a Tutorial/Walk-through I start with this first part. :)

As I already mentioned in a couple of my previous postings, VDR is a digital video recorder with Live-TV capabilities for Linux and flavours. The functionality can be extended by various Plugins, making it a media center playing all kinds of media.

In this very first chapter I explain to you what kind of hardware I use to run my setup. For your interest, I started playing around with VDR in 2004 (oh yes, I'm old).

Well, first of all, it's a plain PC I use. Here's the setup:
- Asrock Mainboard with a Socket-A for CPUs
- CPU is an AMD Althon XP-M 1500+ (Mobile version of an Athlon XP, comparable in terms of speed with an Athlon XP with less power consumption, approx. 35 Watts TDP)). Great for overclocking as I heard, but I use it the regular way (ie. not overclocked)
- 1 GB of DDR RAM
- 80 GB IDE harddrive, Samsung SP0812N. One of those harddrives considered to be silent
- Asus 6200 AGP Graphics Card with DVI-D output (NVidia chipset)
- LCD is a 37" Toshiba 37x3030D. A great TV set.
After searching for a desktop case for ages, that would fit into my living room, I decided to spent some money and bought a Origenae X11. I might discuss this beauty in another blog posting some day.

Then, you somehow need to input Live TV into your PC. This can be either achieved with some sort of DVB device (like a PCI card, USB stick), or through live streaming from another PC in your home LAN (which, in turn, needs an input device). The latter case (Live streamin) is again provided by one of the various plugins.
I have two PCI-cards for this issue. One is a DVB-C for cable, the other one is a DVB-T for terrestrial reception.
- DVB-C: Fujitsu-Siemens DVB-C PCI
The DVB-T card is a so called budged card, whilst the Fujitsu-Siemens card is a so called full-featured card. A full-featured card has a MPEG1/2 decoder on-board, which takes off load from the CPU for decoding the MPEG-stream.
Those kind of cards usually have a RGB/S-Video/Composite cable hooked up. I don't use this card for output, instead, I have the AGP graphics card for that.
The Hama DVB-T PCI card had a remote control with a USB-receiver included. I use this to control my VDR system.

In the next chapter I will explain what software I use. Bear with me.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

New VDR Version 1.5.17 RC2 -- The Digital Video Recorder for Linux

So not the final version 1.6 as I opposed here, but yet another release of the fine VDR.

Here's the list of changes from the release note:
- Updated the Swedish OSD texts (thanks to Tomas Berglund).
- Made the 'pic2mpg' script of the 'pictures' plugin work with uppercase filename
extensions and relative paths (thanks to Stefan Wagner for reporting this one).
- Updated the Romanian OSD texts (thanks to Lucian Muresan).
- Updated the Dutch OSD texts (thanks to Johan Schuring).
- Stripping control codes 0x86 and 0x87 from SI strings.
- Updated French language texts (thanks to Jean-Claude Repetto).
- Fixed handling 3 and 4 byte UTF-8 symbols in Utf8CharGet() (thanks to Andreas
- Fixed a crash in cFreetypeFont::DrawText() if an unknown symbol is encountered
(thanks to Tobias Grimm). Unknown symbols are replaced with a '?'.
- Updated the Slovenian OSD texts (thanks to Matjaz Thaler).
- Updated the Czech OSD texts (thanks to Vladimír Bárta and Jiri Dobry).
- Updated the Turkish OSD texts (thanks to Oktay Yolgeçen).
- The 'plugins' target in the Makefile now returns an error exit code if one of the
plugins failed to compile (suggested by Tobias Grimm).
- Rendering the non-breaking space symbol as a blank (thanks to Tobias Grimm).
- Changed the default character set for SI data from ISO6937 (as required by the DVB
standard ETSI EN 300 468) to ISO-8859-9, in order to work around the stupidity of
some providers, who actually use ISO-8859-9, but fail to correctly announce that.
As you can see, these are rather smallish updates and fixes. Nothing dramatic in my eyes.

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